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Библиографическое описание
Burney, James (1750-1821). A chronological history of north-eastern voyages of discovery [Текст]. and of the early eastern navigations of the Russians / By Captain James Burney, F.R.S ; By Captain James Burney, F.R.S. - London : Payne and Foss [etc.], 1819. - VIII, 310 p. : карты + 22 cm.
Prinsep, Henry Thoby (1793-1878). Tibet, Tartary and Mongolia [Текст] : their social and political condition, and the religion of Boodh, as there existing : comp. from the records of ancient and modern travellers, especially from Huc's reminiscences of the recent journey of himself and Gabet / by Henry T. Prinsep. - London : W.H. Allen, 1851. - [2], 168 p. + 1 map.
Berg, Raisa (1913-2006). Acquired traits [Текст] : memoirs of a geneticist from the Soviet Union / Raisa Berg. - New York : Penguin Books, 1990. - XI, 483 p.
Atkinson, Thomas Witlam (1799-1861). Oriental and western Siberia [Текст] : a narrative of seven years' explorations and adventures in Siberia, Mongolia the Kirghis steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia / by Thomas Witlam Atkinson. - London : Hurst and Blackett, 1858. - VIII, [3], 611 p. : il., карты, вкл. л + 25 cm.
Atkinson, Thomas Witlam (1799-1861). Travels in the regions of the upper and lower Amoor, and the Russian acquisitions on the confines of India and China ... [Текст] / by Thomas Witlam Atkinson. - London : Hurst and Blackett, 1860. - XIII, 570 p. : il., fold. map. + 25 cm.
Freshfield, Douglas William (1845-1934). Travels in the central Caucasus and Bashan [Текст] : including visits to Ararat and Tabreez and ascents of Kazbek and Elbruz / by Douglas W. Freshfield. - London : Longmans Green & co., 1869. - 1 p. : il., карты, вкл. л. + 20 cm. - "Catalogue of plants ... by Herr Rade, and arranged by Herr V. Trautvetter": p. [502]-509.
Oddy, Joshua Jepson (1735/50-1814). European commerce, shewing new and secure channels of trade with the continent of Europe: detailing the produce, manufactures, and commerce, of Russia, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany; as well as the trade of the Rivers Elbe, Weser, and Ems, with a general view of the trade, navigation, produce, and manufactures, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and its unexplored and improvable resources and interior wealth: illustrated with a canal and river map of Europe [Текст] / by J. Jepson Oddy. - London : printed for W. J. and J. Richardson, Royal exchange; ... [etc.], 1805. - XIV, 651 p. + 1 map. - Index: p. 623-651. Экслибрис: (Штамп: Ш.).
Williams, John (fl. 1783). The rise, progress, and present state of the northern governments [Текст] : viz. the United Provinces, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and Poland : or observations on the nature, constitution, religion, laws, policy, customs and commerce of each government, the manners and dispositions of the people, their military forces by land and sea, the revenues and resources of each power, and on the circumstances and conjunctures which have contributed to produce the various revolutions which have happened in them ; the whole digested from the most authentic records and histories and from the reflections and remarks made during a tour of five years through these nations : in 2 vol. / by J. Williams, esq. - London : printed for T. Becket, Adelphi, Strand, Bookseller to their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales, Bishop of Osnabrugh, Prince William, and Prince Edward, 1777 (M.DCC.LXXVII) - . Vol. 2 : [Russia ; Poland]. - 1777. - [4], 659 p.
Blomberg, Karl Johann von. An account of Livonia [Текст] : with a relation of the rise, progress, and decay of the Marian Teutonick Order : the several revolutions that have happen'd there to these present times, with the wars of Poland, Sweden and Muscovy, contending for that province : a particular account of the dukedoms of Courland, Semigallia, and the province of Pilten : to which is added the author's journey from Livonia to Holland in 1698 ... sent in letters to his friend in London. / Karl Johann von, Blomberg. - London : Printed for Peter Buck ..., 1701. - [8], 1-288, [16], 289-335, [1] p., [3] leaves of plates : портр., вкл. л. + 19 cm. (8vo). - Author named on p. 291. Экслибрис: (Штамп: С. Карсакова).
Aldrich, Herbert Lincoln. Arctic Alaska and Siberia, or, Eight months with the Arctic whalemen, [Текст] / by Herbert L. Aldrich. - Chicago ; New York : Rand McNally & Company, 1889. - X, 11-234 p. incl. front. (fold. map) illus. : il., карты, вкл.л + 20 cm. - \b Режим доступа:\b0
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